Carbon dioxide Cosmetics

The realm of Carbon dioxide Cosmetics is made remarkable progress.
Would you continue to use old-style self-proclaimed Carbon dioxide Cosmetics with stickiness and short duration?
We, IBTJ, can offer our original user-friendly Carbon dioxide Cosmetics with a well-balance of the theory, price, value and performance.

Human stem cell-culturing solution Cosmetics

Human stem cell-culturing solution is one of the keyword we can hear often recently.
But this is one of the most valuable, precious and delicate ingredient.
Don’t you believe that you can make Human stem cell-culturing solution Cosmetics if you have this material?
We, IBTJ, store up our unique know-how to handle this precious material with our maximum care.
The difference in know-how will appear as a big difference because of its preciousness.

Surfactant-free Cosmetics

The recent research unveils toxicity of surfactant against the human cells.
In other words, it is a fact that using certain cosmetics might hurt human skins.
There are some ingredients which should not be used actually.
However, you can not make cosmetic products unless you use them.
We are carrying out research everyday to solve such a dilemma.
Would you like to share the compilation of our studies with IBTJ?

Synthetic Surfactant-free Shampoo

Our scalp is very delicate skin, connected directly from your face.
What is the worst thing for our scalp?
Focusing on that, we are researching and developing Synthetic Surfactant-free Products.
We strongly put our considerable effort into research and development to make better ones.
Nature-friendly and Human-friendly Shampoo, we always think about it and seek seriously.
If you have any interest, please contact us.

Facial Care

skin lotion
cosmetic cream
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Carbon dioxide Cosmetics
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Hair Care

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Carbon dioxide Cosmetics

Body Care

ボディーケアのイメージbody cream
slimming cosmetics
Carbon dioxide Cosmetics
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Other Products

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